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Our Switch-N-Go ® dump body is available in seven standard lengths, from 8’ to 14’ long, as well as two build grades (standard & heavy duty). Dump bodies come manufactured with 2-way dump gates, with a variety of bulk heights (39”, 48”, or 51”) and capacities ranging from 2.2 up to 3.9 cubic yards. These open-topped dump bodies all come with our zinc prime & powder coated finish which is boosted by our triple stage wash to ensure proper curing and rust resistance. Options for our dump bodies include mesh tarp, contractor (fold-down) sides, coal chutes, extended board pockets, cab shields.

With the Switch-N-Go® hoist system, your crew can work safely at ground-level by unloading the body to the ground. Easily use hand tools and wheelbarrows in a safe and comfortable position. Dropping a body to ground-level also allows you to load equipment like track loaders, motorized dumpers into your work truck body for easy transport, and material handling. Learn more about the advantages of a hoist system paired with a detachable truck body, and see how to supercharge your productivity and your business opportunities.