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Our Switch-N-Go ® Drop Box is available in eight standard lengths, from 8’ to 15’ long, as well as two build grades (medium & heavy duty). Drop boxes come manufactured with either single swing gate or barn doors, with a variety of bulk heights Medium Duty (39”, or 51”) or Heavy Duty (36” or 48”) and capacities ranging from 7.2 up to 18 cubic yards based on models.

With the Switch-N-Go® hoist system, your crew can work safely at ground-level by unloading the body to the ground. Easily use hand tools and wheelbarrows in a safe and comfortable position. Dropping a body to ground-level also allows you to load equipment like track loaders, motorized dumpers into your work truck body for easy transport, and material handling. Learn more about the advantages of a hoist system paired with a detachable truck body, and see how to supercharge your productivity and your business opportunities.