SH Truck Bodies 

SH Truck Bodies is a leader in truck bodies. Custom to fit your specifications, Swampy Hollow offers a large variety from platforms to large dump bodies. SH Truck Bodies specializes in rugged construction for your everyday hauling needs to your heaviest hauling applications. Find the truck body that is right for you — and expect the best!

SH Truck Bodies


SH Truck Bodies Custom Bodies

SH Truck Bodies Custom Bodies

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At SH Truck Bodies we do not think giving our customer what he wants is asking too much, which is why we proudly offer:

     Custom sizes, options & configurations

     Shorter than standard industry lead times

     Full delivery service

     Some common standard bodies in stock

     State-of-the-art paint facility / custom colors

SH Truck Bodies


You will love the fact that our warranty applies to all truck bodies and associated products manufactured by SH Truck Bodies. SH Truck Bodies warrants to the original owner that these Products shall be free from defects in Material & Manufacturing Workmanship for a period of 3 year after Date of Purchase. The Product must be properly maintained & serviced in order to be eligible for warranty.

Ready to up fit your truck?

We are a leader in truck body fabrication from pickup truck bodies, to large dump trucks, and everything in between. Whether you need installation, repairs, or maintenance. We can also customize anything so get started today by calling 703-361-2227 or fill out the form below for a quote.