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Waltco Liftgate
Waltco Liftgate HDC Series
A heavy duty cantilever lift with a lifting capacity of 3,300 and 4,400 lbs.

An advanced and yet robust design makes this the top line choice for all heavy vehicles wanting to maximize uptime. Comes with a galvanized high strength steel frame, a lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum platform, offering a 40" load center designed for maximum stability.

The platform can replace the vehicle rear door of the body which saves time for the operator, keeps goods safe, and minimizes up-front costs and door maintenance.

- Dual tilt, gravity down lift cylinders, and electrical autotilt for reliable loading and unloading in all conditions.
- Aluminum platform with cart stops as standard help keep loads sturdy and drivers safe.
Waltco Liftgate
Waltco Liftgate BZ Series
A ZEPRO brand cantilever liftgate incorporating a large, adjustable tilting platform suitable for varying gradients. Available in 3,300 lb. and 4,400 lb. lifting capacities.

The tilting platform of a cantilever liftgate keeps your load level, even on hills. These liftgates are welded or bolted to the frame of the vehicle chassis. The platform closes in an upright position against the rear door of the vehicle. As an option, the platform can double as the vehicle's rear door, providing a weather tight seal.