Maxon Liftgates Parts Diagrams

Maxon Liftgates Parts Diagrams

Maxon Light Duty Liftgates

Maxon Railift ™ Liftgates

Maxon Liftgate RCM Parts Diagrams


Maxon Liftgate RC Parts Diagrams


Maxon Liftgate RCT Parts Diagrams


Maxon Conventional Liftgates

Maxon Liftgate GPC X1 / X4 Parts Diagrams

GPC 17 - x 1
GPC 17 - x 1
GPC 33 - x 4
GPC 33 - x 4

Maxon Liftgate GPC Parts Diagrams

GPC (Dec 2018 - Dec 2020)
GPC (Oct 2012 - Nov 2018)

Maxon Tuk-A-Way ® Liftgates

Maxon Liftgate TE-25DC Parts Diagrams


Maxon Liftgate TE-33 Parts Diagrams

TE-33 (Mar 2018 - present)
TE-33 (Dec 2012 - Feb 2018)

Maxon Liftgate MXT-25 / MXT-33 Parts Diagrams

MXT-25 / MXT-33

Maxon Liftgate 72-150 Parts Diagrams


Maxon Liftgate 72-25/30 Parts Diagrams

72-25 & 72-30 Main Assembly

Maxon Liftgate MTB Parts Diagrams


Maxon Sidelift ™ Liftgates

Maxon GPSLR Liftgate Parts Diagrams


Maxon RA Liftgate Parts Diagrams

RA (Sept 2015 - present)
RA (Oct 2013 - Aug 2015)

Maxon Columnlift ™ Liftgates

Maxon BMR Liftgate Parts Diagrams

BMR (Oct 2016 - present)
BMR (Jan 2016 - Sept 2016)

Maxon BMRA Liftgate Parts Diagrams

BMRA (Sept 2013 - Dec 2015)

Maxon BMRSD Liftgate Parts Diagrams

BMRSD (Sept 2013 - Dec 2015)


Installs, Repairs & Maintenance

Whether you need assistance in choosing the right lift gate that's right for your application, or repairs done to your current lift gate, you've come to the right place. Our sales representatives and technicians at Equipment Specialists are ready to help. Give us a call at 703-361-227 or fill out the form to get a quote for installation on any Maxon liftgate. If you're in need of repairs, schedule an appointment with us. We understand that every job is unique, and we take the time to understand your specific needs to provide tailored solutions that solve your challenges. Please list/explain what is wrong with your unit when filling out the form. We'll get back to you as soon as possible with a solution.