Waltco Liftgate FM1000

WLGFM1000 Waltco Liftgate Waltco Liftgate

The FM1000 is our first one-piece, full-closure liftgate. It's a rear frame, top door, and liftgate all in one. An integrated design that helps reduce fuel, maintenance costs, and environmental impact while boosting safety and efficiency.

With the liftgate integrated into the truck body as the rear door, you get the benefit of having a liftgate without the added weight. The large platform complete with safety rails and cart stops, give your driver the comfort and ergonomics they are looking for while completing a long day of deliveries. The FM1000 also saves operation time by up to 45% when compared to traditional flipaway tailgates.

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Waltco FM Series Specifications 

Waltco FM Series Features 

Safety Features - Standard

Safety fences keep cargo and drivers safe. Cart stops help keep control of loads, preventing them from falling off the platform. Safety flags on the platform.

HiConnect Standard

FM1000 is equipped with a gateway and enabled for connected services. Free for one year, HiConnect gives you access to real-time data and alerts about equipment conditions, while helping you increase efficiency, productivity and safety.

HiConnect Premium - Option

HiConnect Premium includes the Safety package with platform storage indicator alerts and overload alerts. HiConnect Premium also comes with a 5-year extended warranty with the purchase of a 5-year HiConnect Subscription.

High Visibility Package - Option 

Put safety first when you have nighttime deliveries. This reflective package increases others' awareness of the equipment being used.

Illuminated Work Area - Option

Lighting up the platform at night gives the drivers the visibility they need to ensure each step is a safe one.

  • Structural steel construction with zinc prime & powder coated finish
  • interior body widths are 88″(EXT) & 87″(INT) and exterior width is 96″
  • Interior height is 72″ high
  • Floors are constructed of 10GA steel sheet with 3″ structural channel on 16″ centers
  • Posts are constructed of 12GA steel sheet; exterior posts are 5″ formed posts on 36″-48″ centers, Interior posts are 3″ structural channel on 16″ centers
  • Top rails are constructed of 3″ x 3″ x 1/8″ square steel tubing
  • Rear corner posts are constructed of 7GA steel
  • Roofs are constructed of 12GA steel with a 6″ peak
  • Lockable security-style doors with 3″ x 3″ supports
  • Standard 6″ steel ground rollers
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