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Light in Weight, Not in Performance
The primary difference between DuraLite and DuraMag: Flooring Weight. Laminated hardwood flooring is heavy (5 lbs per square foot) and decreases value in many applications. Over the last decade, DuraLite’s aluminum flooring has proven to be the best solution when weight is a factor—approximately 45% lighter than the steel comparable—making it the ideal choice for all non-fork truck applications.

While the DuraLite is most popular in Class 2, 3 & 4 truck chassis (10’-18’ models), it’s imperative for Class 2 vehicles—Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster and Mercedes Sprinter. In these low GVW trucks, heavy hardwood flooring or heavy steel bodies consume most of the available GVW. Additionally, it’s hard on the truck and hard on profits to carry all that weight.

Strong, lightweight aluminum bodies save on fuel, wasted time at DOT weigh stations and vehicle wear and tear. They’re engineered to be super strong yet light enough to deliver the highest payload in the market.

DuraLite offers all the options that you’ll need: E-track, cargo restraint, D-Rings, rear door options, walk ramps, side doors, cargo racks, and more

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  • Structural steel construction with zinc prime & powder coated finish
  • interior body widths are 88″(EXT) & 87″(INT) and exterior width is 96″
  • Interior height is 72″ high
  • Floors are constructed of 10GA steel sheet with 3″ structural channel on 16″ centers
  • Posts are constructed of 12GA steel sheet; exterior posts are 5″ formed posts on 36″-48″ centers, Interior posts are 3″ structural channel on 16″ centers
  • Top rails are constructed of 3″ x 3″ x 1/8″ square steel tubing
  • Rear corner posts are constructed of 7GA steel
  • Roofs are constructed of 12GA steel with a 6″ peak
  • Lockable security-style doors with 3″ x 3″ supports
  • Standard 6″ steel ground rollers
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