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DuraMag® Landscape Bodies are built with all aluminum box tube construction. The standard headboard includes an expanded metal window and the frame is built using heavy duty long sills and cross members.

Smooth Side vs. Extruded Side
DuraMag® offers two models of Landscapes that can fit with your personal preference. The only difference between a Smooth Side and Extruded Side Landscape body is the type of aluminum used to build the walls.

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  • Structural steel construction with zinc prime & powder coated finish
  • interior body widths are 88″(EXT) & 87″(INT) and exterior width is 96″
  • Interior height is 72″ high
  • Floors are constructed of 10GA steel sheet with 3″ structural channel on 16″ centers
  • Posts are constructed of 12GA steel sheet; exterior posts are 5″ formed posts on 36″-48″ centers, Interior posts are 3″ structural channel on 16″ centers
  • Top rails are constructed of 3″ x 3″ x 1/8″ square steel tubing
  • Rear corner posts are constructed of 7GA steel
  • Roofs are constructed of 12GA steel with a 6″ peak
  • Lockable security-style doors with 3″ x 3″ supports
  • Standard 6″ steel ground rollers
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