CM Truck Beds PLS Steel Platform

CMPLS CM Truck Beds CM Truck Beds

CM Truck Beds PLS Truck Bed model is our version of a platform body, equipped with the strongest and most durable materials to haul the heavy loads. With best in class features like: heavy duty welded bulkhead, inventive LED lighting, modular sealed wiring harness and stake pockets.

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PLS Steel Platform Body Specifications

Lengths9', 10', 11', 12', 14', 16', 18'
Headache RackBolt on formed bulkhead with punched grill
Deck1/8" Treadplate
Frame Rails4" Structural channel steel
Crossmembers3" x 3/16" channel
Rear SkirtN/A
GN HitchN/A
BP HitchICC optional
Side RailsSmooth sides w/ internal stake pockets
Marker LightingBullet DOT approved LED
ToolboxOptional underbody

PLS Steel Platform Body Features

 Welded bulkhead (41" off deck) with plasma cut "easy view" window grill

Stronger, more durable and integrated into the bed.

 Heavy-duty welded bulkhead

Provides extra strength and security. It has less flexibility in the deck, making your hauls more secure.

  4" structural steel channel frame rails

Our structural 4″ channel frame rails are stronger and more durable than any on the market. They also prevent any rusting from the interior of the tube.

  Formed side rails with stake pockets

These accommodate your straps and give you multiple tie-down points throughout your hauling jobs.

  1/8" steel treadplate deck

This strong and long-lasting deck is designed for heavy-duty work, withstanding the rigorous work conditions that our bodies are placed under. Compare to other bodies on the market, which use 11-gauge and 13-gauge floors.

 1/8" steel formed sides and rear

CM provides you with stronger, more durable, and thicker formed sides and rear that are better than the rest.

  3" steel roll-formed 3/16" channel crossmembers on 12" centers

These are the toughest and most durable work truck subframes.

  Modular sealed wiring harness

Our modular sealed wiring harnesses are resistant to corrosion, deterioration and pulling apart, meaning they can withstand the harshest conditions.

  LED recessed rubber mounted clearance lights

CM’s lights are brighter and use less power than conventional incandescent lights, so your rubber mounted clearance lights will be easily seen and recognized.

  LED DOT required lighting (clearance and marker lights)

When you are backing up, turning, or hitting your brakes along the road, our LED lights will make your truck bed stand out more.
CM Body Length 9ft or 10ft or 11ft or 12ft or 14ft or 16ft or 18ft
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