Exploring the range of CM truck bodies
Finding the perfect fit for your business needs

For more than two decades, CM Truck Beds has been manufacturing reliable and long-lasting truck beds that are designed to withstand heavy use. Renowned across North America, our models are not only stylish, but also highly dependable. We offer an exceptional range of truck beds to meet all your hauling needs, and we are proud to set the standard that others aspire to match. Our success is largely due to our commitment to providing excellent customer service and building genuine partnerships with our distributors.

  1.   CM Service Bodies are designed for the utility industry and feature multiple compartments for tool storage and organization. They are available in different sizes and configurations, with options for side compartments, ladder racks, and other accessories. They are made of high-quality steel for durability and strength.

    1. CM Stake Bodies are designed for hauling and transporting cargo that requires side rails or stakes to prevent the load from shifting. These bodies can be customized with different heights and types of stakes to meet specific hauling needs. They are available in both steel and aluminum construction.

    1.    CM Aluminum Bodies are lightweight and designed for fuel efficiency and corrosion resistance. They are ideal for applications that require frequent loading and unloading of cargo. They are available in different sizes and configurations to meet various hauling needs.

  1.    CM Steel Flatbeds are designed for heavy-duty hauling applications. They are available in different lengths and widths, with options for side rails, headache racks, and toolboxes. They are made of high-quality steel for durability and strength.

  1.   Specialty Bodies: CM Specialty Bodies are custom-built bodies designed for specific industries and applications. They include mobile medical units, law enforcement bodies, broadcast units, mobile laboratories, and refrigerated bodies. CM Specialty Bodies works closely with customers to design and manufacture bodies that meet their specific needs and requirements.

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